Roadmap to becoming a Rust Web Developer in 2020

From the article you can find a chart demonstrating the path you may take and the libraries you may require to become a Rust Web Developer.

Rust Web Developer Roadmap

Roadmap to becoming a Rust Web Developer in 2020 1
Demo: Rust Web Developer Roadmap


  1. Prerequisites
  2. CLI
  3. Web Frameworks
  4. ORM
  5. Caching
  6. Logging
  7. GRPC Frameworks
  8. JSON-RPC Framework
  9. GraphQL Framework
  10. HTTP Clients
  11. Testing
  12. Task Scheduling
  13. Frontend Development
  14. Good to know crates

Wrap Up

If you think the roadmap can be improved, please do open a PR with any updates and submit any issues.


The roadmap is built using The project file can be found at the rust-web-developer-roadmap.xml file. To modify it, open, click Open Existing Diagram and choose XML file with the project. It will open the roadmap for you. Update it, upload and update the images in the readme and create a PR (export as png with 50px border width and minify that with

  • Open a pull request with improvements (gitHub)
  • Discuss ideas in issues
  • Spread the word


The purpose of this roadmap is to help beginner Rust web developers to navigate through frameworks and libraries in Rust ecosystem while staying as productive as possible. The libraries and (my personal) recommendations listed under each stage of the following roadmap has been researched to the best of my capacity. You should always do research on your end and build up a solution that best works for you.

Credit: Sharad Chand


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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