Multiple line button hover effect

Multiple line button hover effects using css and html. This can be used for vertical menus. Demo, code snippet and download options available.

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CreatedSEPTEMBER 13, 2018
Compatible browsersChrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

HTML Snippet

<nav>   <ul>     <li><span>home</span></li>     <li><span>products</span></li>     <li><span>services</span></li>     <li><span>contact</span></li>   </ul> </nav>

CSS Code

body {     margin: 0;     height: 100vh;     display: flex;     align-items: center;     justify-content: center;     background-color: #333; }  nav ul {     padding: 0;     list-style-type: none;     transform: translateX(0.65em); }  nav li {     width: 8em;     height: 2em;     font-size: 25px;     color: orange;     box-sizing: border-box;     border-left: 0.08em solid;     position: relative;     margin-top: 0.8em;     cursor: pointer; }  nav li::before, nav li::after  {     content: '';     position: absolute;     width: inherit;     border-left: 0.08em solid;     z-index: -1; }  nav li::before {     height: 80%;     top: 10%;     left: -0.3em;     filter: brightness(0.8); }  nav li::after {     height: 60%;     top: 20%;     left: -0.55em;     filter: brightness(0.6); }  nav li:hover span {     transform: translateX(0.15em); }  nav li span {     position: relative;     height: 120%;     top: -10%;     box-sizing: border-box;     border: 0.08em solid;     background-color: #333;     display: flex;     align-items: center;     justify-content: center;     font-family: sans-serif;     text-transform: capitalize;     transform: translateX(-0.65em);     transition: 0.3s; }


See the Pen Button hover effect by Comehope (@comehope) on CodePen.

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