jQuery plugin for CSS3 text animations

Textillate.js combines some awesome libraries to provide an easy-to-use plugin for applying CSS3 animations to any text.

See the Pen jQuery plugin for CSS3 text animations by Vimalraj (@w3tweaks) on CodePen.


Let’s start with the basic markup:

<h1 class="tlt">My Title</h1>

And your JavaScript should look like this:

$(function () {

This will animate using the default options. To change the defaults, you can either use the html data api:

<h1 class="tlt" data-in-effect="rollIn">Title</h1>

or pass in options on initialization (see full list of options below):

$('.tlt').textillate({ in: { effect: 'rollIn' } });

You can also tell textillate.js to animate a list with the following markup:

<h1 class="tlt">
	<ul class="texts">
		<li data-out-effect="fadeOut" data-out-shuffle="true">Some Title</li>
		<li data-in-effect="fadeIn">Another Title</li>

Notice that you can control the animation parameters on each text (<li>) using the data api.


To start using textillate.js, you will need the following:


  // the default selector to use when detecting multiple texts to animate
  selector: '.texts',

  // enable looping
  loop: false,

  // sets the minimum display time for each text before it is replaced
  minDisplayTime: 2000,

  // sets the initial delay before starting the animation
  // (note that depending on the in effect you may need to manually apply
  // visibility: hidden to the element before running this plugin)
  initialDelay: 0,

  // set whether or not to automatically start animating
  autoStart: true,

  // custom set of 'in' effects. This effects whether or not the
  // character is shown/hidden before or after an animation
  inEffects: [],

  // custom set of 'out' effects
  outEffects: [ 'hinge' ],

  // in animation settings
  in: {
  	// set the effect name
    effect: 'fadeInLeftBig',

    // set the delay factor applied to each consecutive character
    delayScale: 1.5,

    // set the delay between each character
    delay: 50,

    // set to true to animate all the characters at the same time
    sync: false,

    // randomize the character sequence
    // (note that shuffle doesn't make sense with sync = true)
    shuffle: false,

    // reverse the character sequence
    // (note that reverse doesn't make sense with sync = true)
    reverse: false,

    // callback that executes once the animation has finished
    callback: function () {}

  // out animation settings.
  out: {
    effect: 'hinge',
    delayScale: 1.5,
    delay: 50,
    sync: false,
    shuffle: false,
    reverse: false,
    callback: function () {}

  // callback that executes once textillate has finished
  callback: function () {},

  // set the type of token to animate (available types: 'char' and 'word')
  type: 'char'


Textillate triggers the following events:

  • start.tlt – triggered when textillate starts
  • inAnimationBegin.tlt – triggered when the in animation begins
  • inAnimationEnd.tlt – triggered when the in animation ends
  • outAnimationBegin.tlt – triggered when the out animation begins
  • outAnimationEnd.tlt – triggered when the out animation ends
  • end.tlt – triggered when textillate ends
$('.tlt').on('inAnimationBegin.tlt', function () {
  // do something


  • $element.textillate('start') – Manually start/restart textillate
  • $element.textillate('stop') – Manually pause/stop textillate
  • $element.textillate('in') – Trigger the current text’s in animation
  • $element.textillate('out') – Trigger the current text’s out animation
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