How to implement google custom search engine in my website?

This article will explain how to implement/integrate google custom search engine (CSE) code in to my website and how to make money using custom search engine using google AdSense. Followed by the tutorial the demo link is available.

Please follow the below steps to implement google custom search engine input box API in the website.

Step 1: Create Google account

Create a google account using the below link if you already not created

Step 2: Login to Google custom search engine (cse) page

Once you have google account created, login to google custom search engine (cse) page. Please use cse google page link below to login to the cse account.

Step 3: CSE Home page

After login to the google CSE page you will see the below screen. In that screen you can find “Add” and “Delete” button.

Google custom search engine (cse) Home page

Step 4: Creat Search box code

Click “Add” button and will redirect you to “New Search Engine” page. Find the screen shot of “New Search Engine” page.

Creat Google custom search engine input box code

Step 5: Fill and submit the form

Fill all the input fields in the form and click “create” button.

Field list:

  • Sites to search
    You can add any of the following: Individual pages: Entire site:* Parts of site:* or Entire domain: *
  • Language
    Select the language of the website
  • Name of the search engine
    Give “New Search Engine” page name

Step 6: Search engine Code created Successfully

After clicking the create button your new search engine page will be created. There will be an option to get the google custom search box code. Please find the screenshot of after the successful page creation.

Fill and submit the form Google custom search engine form

Step 7: Copy and Past the search engine code

Click “Get code” button from the page, it take you to default setup code. From the page, copy the code displaying and past it to you website page. Find the screenshot of the page below.

Copy and Past the search engine code

Note: We can switch to V1 version too which is more customizable. In the above image you can find the option to get V1 code instead, which has more advanced features

How to make money from the Google Custom Search engine?

Click “setup” link from the select search engine and you can see the option for “make money” tab on the top. Click the link and enable the “Search Engine Monetization” option. Find the screen shot below. After enabled the “Search Engine Monetization” copy the code from “Get Code”.

make money from the Google Custom Search engine

Note: If you don’t have an adsense account, create one for your website and get approved from the google. Once adsense account enabled, then you can see the option for “Search Engine Monetization”.

Find the demo below

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