Dynamically Create Nested JSON object using Javascript

This article will help us to create dynamic JSON object using JavaScript. This code will useful for generating nested JSON object dynamically. Benefits of dynamic nesting objects and arrays using JavaScript find the question and answer

1) How to dynamically create JSON nested objects using JavaScript / Front End?
This tutorial will help us to create the JSON object using JavaScript.
2) Is there any limit of generating the nested JSON object/array dynamically?
Whatever the array passed to the function will generate the JSON object. No limit.
3) Will the function has flexible to give own key to the JSON nested values / Object?
Yes. It has that option to assign our own / dynamic key to the dynamically generated JSON nested Object / array.


Create function for to return the JSON object

Below “getObjectFormat()” function will return the object (Take care by createChildRows() function). the params to be passed are title, childrows and key

“createChildRows()” function will return the Nested JSON Object Javascript. the params to be passed are array, childrows and key

  • title param: Title of that node
  • childrows param: Will be nested the previous objects(For initial start function need the childrows json object param to be passed)
  • key param: Will be set as custom key to the node(Empty will set as “childRows” as a key)
function getObjectFormat(title,childRows,key){
    var setKey = (key == null)?("childRows"):(key);
    return {
        title: title,
        [setKey]: childRows

function createChildRows(array,childRows,key = null){
    var array = array.reverse();
    array = array.filter(function(n){return (n != undefined && n != "") });

    // Initial child rows
    var formate = getObjectFormat(array[0],childRows,key);
    for(var i = 1; i < (array.length); i++){
        formate = getObjectFormat(array[i],formate,key);
    return formate;

// Demo call. Console the result of generated dynamic Json Objects

var array = ("test1|test2|test3|test4").split("|");

console.log(createChildRows(array,{"title":"Last Child Row"},"more"));
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