CSS Transform Origin illustration Example

This demo will show all sides origin rotation of element using css Transform Origin illustration. Demo and download options available.

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CreatedSEPTEMBER 12, 2018
Compatible browsersChrome, Firefox, Safari

This demo use all the direction of origin rotation using CSS transform-origin illustration. Find the code snippet below.

HTML Snippet

<div class="origin" style="transform-origin: top left"></div> <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: top center"></div> <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: top right"></div>  <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: center left"></div> <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: center center"></div> <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: center right"></div>  <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: bottom left"></div> <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: bottom center"></div> <div class="origin" style="transform-origin: bottom right"></div>


.origin {   width: 1em;   height: 1em;   font-size: 11vmin;   position: relative;   background: rgba(0,0,0,.4);   animation: spin 6s cubic-bezier(.8, 0, .2, 1) infinite;   @keyframes spin {     50% { transform: rotate(180deg); }     100% { transform: rotate(360deg); }   }     &:before,   &:after {     content: '';     display: block;     width: 100%;     height: 100%;     position: absolute;     top: 0;     left: 0;     border: solid 1px red;     transform-origin: inherit;     // visibility: hidden;   }    &:before {      animation: inherit;     animation-direction: reverse;      font-size: .12em;     content: attr(style);     display: flex;     text-align: center;     word-break: keep-all;     align-items: center;     z-index: 2;   }    &:after {     background: red;     transform: scale(0.1);    } }   html, body {   background: #00136c; }  .origin {   background: #3b2c85;   background: rgba(133, 207, 203, 0.3); } .origin:before {   border: solid 1px #db3951;   color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);   z-index: 5; } .origin:after {   background: #db3951; }  *, *::before, *::after {   box-sizing: border-box; }  html {   display: grid;   justify-items: center;   align-items: center;   height: 100%;   overflow: hidden; }  body {   display: grid;   grid-template: repeat(3, auto)/repeat(3, auto);   grid-gap: 1em; } 


CSS Transform Origin illustration Example preview

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