16 CSS Accordions

By | August 26, 2017

Hand picked free accordion pure css designs. Examples using Jquery, html, css, javascript etc. Collection covers Vertical and horizontal Accordions Demo. 2 new updates on May 11, 2020

jQuery accordion

Simple jQuery accordion.

16 CSS Accordions 1
Demo image: jQuery accordion

Developed using HTML, SCSS, jQuery

Author: Johan Mouchet | Created on August 19, 2016 | Updated on August 20, 2016

CSS Accordion

A simple solution for creating a pure CSS accordion with a CSS transition on the panel height, achieved by setting “max-height” of the accordion panel instead of “height”.

16 CSS Accordions 2
Demo image: CSS Accordion

Developed using HTML, SCSS

Author: Matthew Scott | Created on October 22, 2016 | Updated on September 15, 2019

Pure Css Accordion Menu

16 CSS Accordions 3

Here is how to create Stylish Pure css Accordion Menu with out any javascript !

Developed by Anz Joy

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Funky Pure CSS Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 4

Another pure CSS UI Piece here using radio buttons for the active states

Developed by Jamie Coulter

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Pure CSS Accordion menu

16 CSS Accordions 5

Just a quick navigation bar with an accordion feel using only html and css.

Developed by Floyd Hawkes

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Pure CSS Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 6

Image accordion only with CSS and color filters using the rgba() function

Developed by Eduardo Moreno

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Simple Flat UI CSS Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 7

Simple Flat UI CSS Accordion

Developed by SAMSURY ID

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Simple css accordion with hover effects

16 CSS Accordions 8

simple css accordion with hover effects

Developed by vavik

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Pure CSS Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 9

Acordeon made with just CSS. Based on checkbox input+label trick to active tabs.

Developed by Raúl Barrera

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Pure HTML and CSS Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 10

Created and designed (in browser) a pure HTML and CSS expandable accordion for fun. I tried to think outside of the box when designing this (no pun intended).

Developed by Chris Ota

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CSS accordion menu

16 CSS Accordions 11

Css Accordion DropDown Menu.

Developed by Enes Sefa

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Skewed CSS Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 12

Skewed CSS Accordion.

Developed by Gerald De Leon

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Pure css colorfull accordion

16 CSS Accordions 13

Pure css accordion.

Developed by Atfli-Houcine

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Process Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 14

I was looking for some way to illustrate a customer journey in a more interesting way. I decided to do it as an accordion—and from there is seemed natural to do it in CSS and HTML only.

Developed by Chris Mounsey

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CSS accordion slider

16 CSS Accordions 15

CSS accordion slider.

Developed by simon

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CSS Accordion

16 CSS Accordions 16

Created a css accordion using the label and input method. This was forked from Eric – http://codepen.io/ejsado/pen/GLKJd/ but modified to work of lists rather than divs.

Developed by Farid Mokraoui

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