Awesome text rotation animation using CSS

CSS is Awesome. this demo covers text rotation animation using only css. Demo and download available.

Demo Download

AuthorJoan Leon
CreatedSEPTEMBER 18, 2018
Compatible browsersChrome, Firefox, Safari

HTML Snippet

<h1 class="awesome">CSS is Aw<span class="eso">eso</span><span class="me">me</span></h1>

CSS Code

@import url('');  body {   align-items: center;   display: flex;   justify-content: center;   font-family: 'Work Sans', sans-serif;   height: 100vh;   overflow: hidden; }  .awesome {   color: #7F00FF;   font-size: 10vw; }  .eso {   animation: rotate 1s forwards ease-in-out 2s;   display: inline-block;   transform: rotateY(0); }  @supports (-webkit-background-clip: text) and (-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent) {   .eso {     background: linear-gradient(to left, #E100FF, #7F00FF);     -webkit-background-clip: text;     -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;   } }  .me {   color: #E100FF; }  @keyframes rotate {   to { transform: rotateY(900deg); } }  @media (min-width: 40em) {   .awesome {     color: #7F00FF;     font-size: 4em;   } }


Awesome text rotation animation using CSS preview

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