Animated stacked slider is developed using css, html, jQuery and slick.js plugin. Demo and Download available.

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Author Camila Waz
Created NOVEMBER 11, 2018
License Open
Compatible browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari



<link rel='stylesheet' href='[email protected]/slick/slick.css'> <script src=''></script> <script src=''></script>

HTML Snippet

<div class="slider__wrapper">   <div class="slider">     <div class="slider__content">       <div class="slider__text">         <span>1</span>         <h3>The Producers</h3>         <p>The top apple producers around the world are China, United States, Turkey, Poland and Italy.</p>       </div>       <figure class="slider__image">         <img src="">       </figure>     </div>     <div class="slider__content">       <div class="slider__text">         <span>2</span>         <h3>The Size</h3>         <p>Apple varieties range in size from a little larger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit.</p>       </div>       <figure class="slider__image">         <img src="">       </figure>     </div>     <div class="slider__content">       <div class="slider__text">         <span>3</span>         <h3>The Time</h3>         <p>Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.</p>       </div>       <figure class="slider__image">         <img src="">       </figure>     </div>     <div class="slider__content">       <div class="slider__text">         <span>4</span>         <h3>The advantages</h3>         <p>Apples contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are a good source of fiber.</p>       </div>       <figure class="slider__image">         <img src="">       </figure>     </div>     <div class="slider__content">       <div class="slider__text">         <span>5</span>         <h3>The Surprise</h3>         <p>Apples ripen six to 10 times faster at room temperature than if they are refrigerated.</p>       </div>       <figure class="slider__image">         <img src="">       </figure>     </div>   </div> </div>

CSS Code

body {   font-family: Montserrat, sans-serif;   margin: 0; }  .slider__wrapper {   margin: 0 auto; } .slider__wrapper .slick-track {   overflow: hidden; }  .slider__content {   display: flex !important;   align-items: center;   justify-content: flex-end;   width: 100%;   position: relative;   max-height: 90%; } .slider__content .slider__text {   opacity: 0;   transition: all 1s ease;   background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75);   padding: 2.5em 4em;   position: absolute;   left: 0;   width: 40%;   z-index: 1;   opacity: 0;   transition: all 1s linear; } .slider__content .slider__text span {   font-weight: 600;   font-size: 1.5em;   background: linear-gradient(151deg, #833ab4 0%, #fd1d1d 50%, #fcb045 100%);   border-radius: 50%;   line-height: 35px;   width: 35px;   display: block;   text-align: center;   color: white; } .slider__content .slider__text h3 {   font-weight: 600;   font-size: 2em;   display: inline-block;   margin-bottom: 0; } .slider__content .slider__text h3:after {   content: "";   width: 100%;   height: 3px;   display: block;   background: linear-gradient(151deg, #833ab4 0%, #fd1d1d 50%, #fcb045 100%); } .slider__content .slider__text p {   line-height: 2; } .slider__content .slider__image {   width: 70%;   margin: 0;   position: relative; } .slider__content .slider__image:before {   content: "";   padding-top: 56.25%;   display: block; } .slider__content .slider__image img {   position: absolute;   top: 0;   left: 0;   width: 0;   height: 100%;   object-fit: cover;   transition: all .75s ease; }  .slick-arrow {   position: absolute;   bottom: 2em;   right: 2em;   z-index: 2;   background: linear-gradient(151deg, #833ab4 0%, #fd1d1d 50%, #fcb045 100%);   background-size: 100%;   border: 0;   width: 30px;   height: 25px;   text-indent: -9999px;   clip-path: polygon(50% 0%, 0% 100%, 100% 100%);   cursor: pointer;   transition: all .5s ease; } .slick-arrow:hover {   background-size: 190%; } .slick-arrow.slick-prev {   right: 5em;   transform: rotate(-90deg); } .slick-arrow.slick-next {   transform: rotate(90deg); }  .slick-active .slider__text {   opacity: 1; } .slick-active .slider__image img {   width: 100%; } 


$('.slider').slick({   slidesToShow: 1,   slidesToScroll: 1,   arrows: true,   fade: true, }); 


Animated Stacked Slider with jQuery and Slick.js plugin preview