List of all PHP Operators

An operator is something that takes one or more values (or expressions, in programming jargon) and yields another value (so that the construction itself becomes an expression). Operators can be assembled by the quantity of qualities they take. Unary Operators take just a single esteem, for instance ! (the legitimate not Operators) or ++ (the augmentation Operators).

linkedin login oauth2 using php

Today am showing to how make user authentication using LinkedIn API. First you have some knowledge about OAuth just read this official explanation,

Signup Form and Email Verification using PHP

Here, I share with signup form email verification using PHP. Now a days there are many spam attackers are available and try to hack mail and password. So the best way is secure the email with email confirmation.

Spam attackers are also try to hack newbies, because they are no awareness to secure the email & password. I suggest you to secure your mail, first must confirm the email verification then further details you have move to secure way.

Simple php login and logout script using php session and database using MySQL

This tutorial will explain how to login and logout the web page using php session and database using MySql. By using this login script, we can show the secure pages after the login page successfully logged in. For authentication process we have to create login page with username and password input field. By using the input box, we can get the username and password using php post method which is secure after submitting the form.