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Integrate the Google Login with API in PHP

In the previous post we have already see how to integrate the LinkedIn Login with API and now make for Google+ API in PHP. Compare with LinkedIn Google is the best & everyone have a account in google all of they maintain simply in one account in google. That’s why peoples are like google.

linkedin login oauth2 using php

Today am showing to how make user authentication using LinkedIn API. First you have some knowledge about OAuth just read this official explanation, https://oauth.net/about/introduction/

Load Large dataset values from JSON using Angularjs

JSON is more better way to transmitting the data in server to client. When you have develop large data application, I suggest to use JSON because its very efficient and speed to get the value in Server. Ajax also intermediate the JSON to help for develop the big data application.

Javascript Permutations and Combinations of Array Values

In this tutorial, The JavaScript functions to calculate combinations of elements in Array. This JavaScript algorithm will find all combinations of JavaScript array values. This algorithm is one of the most efficient way to get permutations and combinations of Array values.

Angularjs Jasmine Service Dependency Injection

This tutorial will explain how to write the Jasmine unit test case for angularjs service dependency injection. End of the tutorial you will find the demo and download link.This tutorial will help to run the Jasmine unit test in browsers.

Android WebView application Prombt | Android Studio

Now a days everyone have android phone and they are like to everything when it has application. So here I share with you how to make website in application with different activities like prompt box, loading icon and much more make beautiful look in your app.

Dynamically Create and remove the TextArea Using javascript

This is the demo about creating the multiple HTML textarea dynamically with CSS animations. Animations are covered fading, Sliding and Swing options and removing the textarea is also covered in this demo. Demo is written in plain JavaScript without any dependency and animations using CSS3.

Signup Form and Email Verification using PHP

Here, I share with signup form email verification using PHP. Now a days there are many spam attackers are available and try to hack mail and password. So the best way is secure the email with email confirmation.

Spam attackers are also try to hack newbies, because they are no awareness to secure the email & password. I suggest you to secure your mail, first must confirm the email verification then further details you have move to secure way.

How to get youtube API Key

From this tutorial, we will able to understand how to generate YouTube API keys for getting YouTube data. Once the Credentials are created we can write YouTube API code to fetch the data from YouTube server.

Google adsense with angular js project

This tutorial will help the user to integrate google AdSense in angular js projects. This code will help to monetize the AngularJs application without any issue. Implement the code wherever you want to display in your AngularJS pages.