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Beautiful Button Loading Animation

By | September 28, 2017

Sexy button loading animation on clicking the button. Developed using HTML, CSS, Javascript and font awesome. Demo and download the code(*.zip) Awesome button loading animation onclick HTML Snippet <button class=”button”> <span class=”submit”>Submit</span> <span class=”loading”><i class=”fa fa-refresh”></i></span> <span class=”check”><i class=”fa fa-check”></i></span> </button> CSS Snippet html { box-sizing: border-box; } *, *::after, *::before { box-sizing: inherit; } *, *:before, *:after… Read More »

Trendy Add Button with beautiful CSS3 Animation

By | September 21, 2017

Beautiful Plus Button with animation using CSS, HTML and jQuery. This trendy User Interface Add Button is easy to integrate with any desktop and mobile website for add with tooltip options. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip). Awesome Plus button with animation using CSS3 & jQuery HTML Snippet <div class=”centered”> <div class=”plus” id=”plus”> <div class=”plus__line plus__line–v”> <a href=”#”… Read More »