• Instant YouTube video search API V3 Version tutorial

    AngularJS: Instant YouTube video search API V3 Version tutorial

    In my previous article “instant YouTube video search” tutorial, I just used plain JavaScript with JQuery. In this tutorial I used AngularJS for YouTube instant video search with pagination option and API I used YouTube V3 API.End of the tutorial demo and download option is available for your reference.

  • Copy to clipboard Javascript

    copy to clipboard using JavaScript

    This article will explain how to bring “copy to clipboard” functionality using JavaScript. Now users are expecting to have copy to clipboard options using JavaScript and not using flash. Here is the library called clipboard.js which is easy to use and integrate. Clipboard.js is flash free solution and API has lots of options to copy / cut the content or text to clipboard.

  • How to get youtube API Key

    Get YouTube API Credentials

    From this tutorial, we will able to understand how to generate YouTube API keys for getting YouTube data. Once the Credentials are created we can write YouTube API code to fetch the data from YouTube server.

  • Integrate the Google Login with API in PHP

    How to integrate the login using Google+ plus API in PHP

    In the previous post we have already see how to integrate the LinkedIn Login with API and now make for Google+ API in PHP. Compare with LinkedIn Google is the best & everyone have a account in google all of they maintain simply in one account in google. That’s why peoples are like google.

  • Indeed job search API demo

    Indeed API Job Search Version 2 integration using Jquery JSON ajax call and pagination implemented

    W3 Tweaks did the tutorial and demo using indeed job search version 2 API using jquery ajax call. In this tutorial below items are covered.

    1. Instant job search using AJAX call.
    2. Indeed jobs shown in pagination.
    3. Jobs shown instantly when pagination like clicked.
    4. Jobs shown based on country (This will help for publishers earning).
    5. Find more jobs – Navigate to indeed web site with user selected location and job query.
  • YouTube Video Search V3 API Demo Screenshot

    Search YouTube Videos using YouTube V3 API using Jquery Ajax call

    W3 Tweaks developed the YouTube Search V3 API tutorial and demo for the user. So here we have covered YouTube search autocomplete suggestion API and YouTube Video search API. We already have separate tutorial for search suggestion with basic implementation. From this tutorial user can easily understand merging both API in single demo. YouTube pagination also implemented user can find the demo and download instent youtube search code below

  • Create job portal using Indeed API

    Tutorial about how to Create Jobs portal using Indeed API

    This tutorial will explain how to create the job seraching portal using Indeed API with advanced search and autocomplete for seraching jobs and cities.

  • Twitter oAuth login api using php

    Twitter oAuth login api using php

    Everyone have account in social networking like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc. In previous article we see google and linkedin login. Now I share with how to login with twitter account. Twitter is on the most people used network this is the reason of now I have develop this article.