HTML & CSS pricing tables

Hand picked css html pricing table templates. Examples developed using Jquery, html, css, javascript etc. Demo and download the codes.

CSS Accordion Templates

Hand picked free accordion pure css designs. Examples using Jquery, html, css, javascript etc. Demo and download the codes.

Free CSS form designs

Hand picked collections of login and registration form free template designs to download and demo is available. Forms are developed using css, html, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, materializecss, Responsive, etc. sample registration forms are free for download and registration form template has the link to download.

Vertical centering - Flexbox solution for text using css

Vertical centering the text using css3 flexbox. Flexbox is the best solution for vertically centered text. css vertical align text will avoid using javascript for achieving the vertical align middle functionality

Pure CSS3 Tabs

Use only CSS to switch the tabs. Find the demo at end of the tutorial.

Display shapes in html using CSS 3

Working with The Shapes of CSS is very easy. In demo you can find all types of shapes using CSS3.

social icons with css3 animation

Animated social icons on hover with 3d effects using font awesome.

CSS html orderlist styling

This tutorial will explain how to get customized numbering in HTML order list using CSS.

This tutorial will explain how to bring the Multiple boder in html element using CSS3 Box shadow.

Naturalized Checkbox Toggle Switches

This demo is a response to a post by Marcus Connor addressing confusion with checkbox toggle switches. It’s an attempt to make them work more like switches. Drag the handles back and forth and see the checkbox state change. Developed using html, css and JavaScript. Demo and download available.