Joomla 3 - Page Navigation With Titles

In this tutorial you will learn how to set the article title for page navigation buttons

Codemirror Syntax Highlighter

This tutorial will explain how to implement syntax highlighter using CodeMirror framework. There are two ways to achieve syntax highlighter.

Chapter 2: How to create HTML files?

By following the below steps, we can create the HTML files successfully and able to run your first HTML page in browsers.

Chapter 1. Introduction to HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is introduced by Tim Berners-Lee and he released the basic version of HTML publicly on 1991. HTML will run through World Wide Web (WWW) platform.

HTML file Extensions list

We have learned how a simple web page can build. Now in this section we will learn what files extensions in a web page are. Most of the web pages runs on UNIX web server like Marcs, which do not require file extension, only filenames are enough for disguising between the files. File extension is key to recognize which of file and format running in that file. How will the server uses and access it.