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Dynamically Create and remove the TextArea Using javascript

This is the demo about creating the multiple HTML textarea dynamically with CSS animations. Animations are covered fading, Sliding and Swing options and removing the textarea is also covered in this demo. Demo is written in plain JavaScript without any dependency and animations using CSS3.

Embed youtube video without affecting the website performance

This tutorial will explain how to embed the YouTube videos in better way and without affecting the performance of the website. Play the YouTube videos after the clicking the YouTube thumbnail image. This code will reduce the website server request, improve page speed score and reduce the size of the page content. CSS code written to support the video in responsive way.

YouTube V3 API to get single Video Information using Angular JS

In my recent comment box one of my reader asking me to create a demo for the YouTube single video snippet using AngularJS ui-router. I have already created the tutorial and demo for YouTube single video snippet using core JS and with using jQuery (link). I have created the tutorial again using AngularJS for my reader who requested the demo and for my users too. This tutorial will explain you how to load single YouTube video and it’s information in the webpage using AngularJS.

How to get youtube API Key

From this tutorial, we will able to understand how to generate YouTube API keys for getting YouTube data. Once the Credentials are created we can write YouTube API code to fetch the data from YouTube server.

Google adsense with angular js project

This tutorial will help the user to integrate google AdSense in angular js projects. This code will help to monetize the AngularJs application without any issue. Implement the code wherever you want to display in your AngularJS pages.

Joomla 3 - Page Navigation With Titles

In this tutorial you will learn how to set the article title for page navigation buttons

Screen shot : Refresh Manifest Cache failed: Extension is not currently installed

In this tutorial we will show you how to fix the "Refresh Manifest Cache failed" error in Joomla!

Codemirror Syntax Highlighter

This tutorial will explain how to implement syntax highlighter using CodeMirror framework. There are two ways to achieve syntax highlighter.

Chapter 2: How to create HTML files?

By following the below steps, we can create the HTML files successfully and able to run your first HTML page in browsers.

Chapter 1. Introduction to HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is introduced by Tim Berners-Lee and he released the basic version of HTML publicly on 1991. HTML will run through World Wide Web (WWW) platform.