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Dynamically Create Nested JSON object using Javascript

This article will help us to create dynamic JSON object using JavaScript. This code will useful for generating nested JSON object dynamically. Benefits of dynamic nesting objects and arrays using JavaScript find the question and answer

Headroom.js with Bootstrap: Hide header menu on scroll down and Show menu on scroll up

Here w3 tweaks explored the hide and show the header on scroll using headroom.js and Bootstrap. On scroll up hide the header and scroll down show the header. This Headerroom.js designed only for header show and hide on scroll up and down.

open dynamic youtube videos in modelbox fancybox

This tutorial explain how to embed the dynamic YouTube videos or how to play youtube videos in fancybox / Light box on clicking the YouTube thumbnail. W3 Tweaks added the YouTube videos in fancy box on top off YouTube API video search tutorial from w3 Tweaks [link]. From this tutorial user's can able to achieve to open the YouTube videos in Fancy Box with dynamic YouTube videos.

backbone sliding menu

This tutorial will explain how to implement sliding menu using backbone.js and users can find backbone js slide menu example and demo of this tutorial

i18n internationalization using backbone.js and handlebars.js

This tutorial will explain how to Implement Internationalization (i18n) using Backbone.js and handlebars.js without using any 3rd party plugin

null and undefined check in javascript screenshot

This tutorial will cover diffrence between null & undefind and how to check null & undefined in JavaScript.

Simple Dynamic Menus from JSON REST API using backbone.js

This tutorial will explain how to create simple dynamic menus from JSON REST API using backbone.js and menu navigation in backbone js. This tutorial has dependency of handlebar templates and jquery framework. User can find backbone js menu example and demo of this tutorial. Let start our tutorial.

YouTube related videos using YouTube V3 API

This tutorial will explain how to get Youtube Related Videos using Youtube V3 API. YouTube will return related videos based on the youtube videoid. Also Youtube have given option for pagination and from this tutorial w3 Tweaks will explain how to achive YouTube pagination. So we can start our tutorial.

YouTube Video Embed View from API call Demo

Here w3 tweaks done YouTube Video API call tutorial and demo for users. From this tutorial W3 Tweaks covered below functionalities.

  1. Embed YouTube video from YouTube API call
  2. Display Video description, Hits, YouTube Video title and publish date.
  3. Displayed JSON request from YouTube API call for user review
  4. YouTube like theme
  5. Responsive design
  6. YouTube time format change

Indeed job search API demo

W3 Tweaks did the tutorial and demo using indeed job search version 2 API using jquery ajax call. In this tutorial below items are covered.

  1. Instant job search using AJAX call.
  2. Indeed jobs shown in pagination.
  3. Jobs shown instantly when pagination like clicked.
  4. Jobs shown based on country (This will help for publishers earning).
  5. Find more jobs – Navigate to indeed web site with user selected location and job query.