CSS On/Off Power Toggle button

Power On/Off Toggle button using html, SVG and css only with beautiful animation. Demo and Download options available.

CSS Potato 500 Error page

Mr Potato Head in CSS to signify a 500 error page developed using HTML and CSS. Demo and download options are vailable inside article.

React and Redux Simple Multi-page Form preview

This is a simple multi-page form built using React + Redux + ReduxForm + Dropzone + ReactRouterRedux + ReduxSaga + others. Form validation and file upload validation are implemented in this code. Demo and download options are available.

Flex items: justify-content: flex-end

CSS3 gave beautiful propertie to bring content vertical and horizontal justification using justify-content: flex-end. Demo and download options available.

Info panels with closing action

Info panels with closing action developed using css, html and javascript.

Multi step progress bar

Multi step progress bar is developed using CSS and HTML. Demo and code download available.

Cards with beautiful hover effects using pure css3

Card view developed using HTML and css 3 properties like grid, transform and transition etc. Mouse over effect beautifully blended with border colors. Code demo, download and preview are available.

Cards List View

Cards List View is developed using CSS and HTML. Arrow is in the list view is shown with animation.

Stepped Progress Navigation

Beautiful stepper progress navigation developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Demo, Code snippet and download options are available.

Multiple line button hover effect

Multiple line button hover effects using css and html. This can be used for vertical menus. Demo, code snippet and download options available.