simple dynamic, js calendar. main function accepts 3 params: target selector String date String (optional) data Array (optional)

Very quick mockup of calendar.

Another Dribbble shot recreation of the calendar.

Markup uses HTML5 element. CSS makes the date look like a calendar page. The position: absolute implementation works on all browsers. The inline-flex implementation requires a fairly recent browser: Ok in IE11, Chrome 29, Firefox 22; Broken in IE10, Chrome 28, Firefox 21, Safari 6.1, and most mobile browsers.

Daily CSS Images Day 09 Calendar

Calendar Javascript Library with event capture

Flexible Calendar

Pure CSS Calendar Icon can be used in article.

Bootstrap Year Calendar.

Simple calendar with notes panel.

Nice work - but if you would use this in a real project there would be some codestyling issues, also you could improve your code by not writing instead do nesting like td { &.xyz }.

In your JS you could improve the code by more valuable variablenames