For browsers that support CSS3, there's a simple cursor available to help users understand certain elements that may be disabled due to page logic. So, if you have a button that becomes enabled only after a certain page action is taken (like filling out a form), you can use cursor: not-allowed to reinforce the state using the mouse pointer.

Just some simple buttons

Sass mixin for creating arrow buttons. Uses transform: skew on pseudo-elements. CSS arrow buttons

Simple awesome pure CSS button hover effect. Developed using html, css, vanilla-tilt.js and JavaScript. Demo and download available.

Three Simple CSS Animation Button Hover Effects practice. Developed using css and html. demo and download available.

70s CSS Button. A nice little css button developed using CSS and html. demo and download available.

Inspiration for new ways to make interactive buttons using linear-gradients, box-shadows, and pseudo classes. Nice unique style and good use of css. This demo has six different CSS designed buttons with animated hover effects. Demo and download avilable.

Pure css NEXT button with SVG next arrow animation effect when hover the button and developed using CSS and HTML. Demo and Download available.

Colorful CSS Buttons and A collection of various types of CSS buttons in various colors. Effects coverd border - open, border, Border Reversed - Open, Border Reversed, Fill Vertical - Open, Fill Vertical, Fill Horizontal - Open, Fill Horizontal. All the effects developed using CSS and HTML. Border, Border Reversed, Fill Vertical and Fill Horizontal are developed with animation effects.