Responsive gallery with Hover Effect. Everything in pure CSS!

Playing around with CSS Grid in responsive image galleries.

CSS Grid (with flexbox fallback) can be used to create a responsive image gallery with no media queries.

Responsive photo gallery with LightBox using Plain Javascript.

Responsive SVG Arrow as Section divider

A series of animated chart cards using the least amount of css and information as possible

Responsive and colorful Profile Card concept. I hope you like it.

Card design + switch view

Responsive Navigation Info Cards

Flexbox responsive calendar

Inspired by the preview of the Microsoft Fluent Design System calendar. I thought it looked really pretty so I made it for the web.

Flexible and responsive Calendar

Hand picked collections of login and registration form free template designs to download and demo is available. Forms are developed using css, html, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, materializecss, Responsive, etc. sample registration forms are free for download and registration form template has the link to download.