Spring Animations using range sliders

In this article, we listed the Collection of hand-picked awesome Range Sliders designs developed using CSS, html, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. Listed tutorials well played with 3d, gradients, etc. some of the Range Sliders are having beautiful animation effects using transitions. Demo and download available on each tutorial. Range Sliders can be used directly without any changes and could be small changes based on your needs.

Article will be helpful for designers and non-coders.

Comment your favorite Range Slider(s) or comment the Range Sliders(s) which you admired from external resource.

3d shaded, scalable range sliders using SCSS, HTML, and some Javascript. Gradient Range with Indicator, Patterned Range, Simple Range

Drink your water range slider

Styling an input range slider with pure CSS. JS only to grab the value.

Simple demo of output for a range slider

Little gradient range input for an upcoming project with thumb change on slide.

A 3D CSS html5 range price slider

Live change the value of the range input using JavaScript's 'input' addEventListener

Custom range input slider with labels

Ranges based on Bootstrap

jQuery Time Range Slider

simple price range slider javascript css

Styling of Range Sliders, Used open source extension for jQueryUI to create really usable and pretty range sliders.

Change the slider to see the effect.

Only supported in Webkit. Based on Equalizer

Curved, circular, circle shaped range slider. Drag the handle, click on the position you want or directly type your number. Ui design jquery.

Control outputs a single value but visually creates a trigger point to the end user.

create a fancy (or less fancy) slider with SVG and connect it (behind the scenes) to a real input type range. In this case the input type range is disabled and still visible (for the sake of the argument), but it shouldn't be.