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Responsive Navigation Info Cards

Stacked card with navigation!

The card expands into the background, no libraries, commented. Please note: this code is in no way ready to be used as is in production on your website. It will need to be adapted to be cross browser compliant & accessible. I just wanted to share how one might go about this effect with CSS & JS and no other dependencies

A JQuery Toggle FAQ Responsive Accordion.

Cool Accordion developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript

Example menu for uploading/downloading media files, using the shade of colors.

Caterpillar Navigation using html button and Vue.js

Menu toggle button with flat menu. Uses CSS transitions and Vanilla JS.

Hand picked free accordion pure css designs. Examples using Jquery, html, css, javascript etc. Demo and download the codes.

Use only CSS to switch the tabs. Find the demo at end of the tutorial.

Using Pixi.js plugin displacement filter to "morph" images while hovering connected sidebar links. Done using html, css, jQuery, TweenMax and pixi.js. Demo and download available.

Vanilla JS basic Accordion Developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Demo and Download available.

A slider with a stretchy bubble tab indicator. Container flexes to accommodate size of new article. Now with impact bursts. Shout out to GreenSock's Jack Doyle for an assist on this one. Developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Demo and download options available.

Beautiful stepper progress navigation developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Demo, Code snippet and download options are available.

Angular is mostly used for SPA (Single Page Application) but still every app requires some kind of navigation from one view to other view. Take our very own application here we navigate now on click of click of the images we populate the description on the right hand side. What if I need a button in the right hand side labeled “More” and on click of the “More” I need to go to a different view/page completely without hiding or showing something. Does Angular has any tricks up in the sleeves?

In this tutorial you will learn how to set the article title for page navigation buttons