Collection of Hand Picked css music players.

Filterable Tracklisting Music Player

Pure Material music player

Music Player

Simple responsive Music Player

Material player

Beautiful Material player with animation

In this case no library for animations was used

Mini Music Player

Music Player with Social Share

Self Code a music player for users

An excuse to try CSS Grid, CSS Variables and throw in a marquee tag. No edge.

CSS Music Player

Html & CSS Music player layout.

Simple clean player using Materialize CSS framework. Clicking the album cover reveals more information about the album.

Music player using bootstrap 4, input type range, and codrops subtle click effects

Gooey Music Player

This is a Vue.js web application for streaming radio stations from This app uses the public SomaFM JSON channels API endpoint to pull in a list of stations and makes it easy to switch between stations. This app also used Three.js and the HTML5 Web Audio Context API to sample audio data and create a visualizer effect for the selected station.

Using Framer.js to prototype the interaction between song-list and cover art in a music player. The song-list will snap closed or open after a certain threshold of movement.