Photo gallery scroll menu. On mobile performance, should stay smooth on a low-end Android device.

Switch between Light/Dark mode with the toggle.

Example menu for uploading/downloading media files, using the shade of colors.

Using SVG line animation and a stroke transition to make a dropdown menu emerge from a button. The menu animates out from the button that opens it's Toggle Icon Animation, it was really great, so I decided to add it to CodePen. It is designed and developed by

Menu toggle button with flat menu. Uses CSS transitions and Vanilla JS.

Using Pixi.js plugin displacement filter to "morph" images while hovering connected sidebar links. Done using html, css, jQuery, TweenMax and pixi.js. Demo and download available.

This tutorial will explain how to implement sliding menu using backbone.js and users can find backbone js slide menu example and demo of this tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to create simple dynamic menus from JSON REST API using backbone.js and menu navigation in backbone js. This tutorial has dependency of handlebar templates and jquery framework. User can find backbone js menu example and demo of this tutorial. Let start our tutorial.

Multiple line button hover effects using css and html. This can be used for vertical menus. Demo, code snippet and download options available.