JS to control playback; semantic ligature icon fonts from SymbolSet for buttons; microdata used to markup song from Nine Inch Nails, licensed under Creative Commons.

create a fancy (or less fancy) slider with SVG and connect it (behind the scenes) to a real input type range. In this case the input type range is disabled and still visible (for the sake of the argument), but it shouldn't be.

UI test for a horizontal scroll carrousel concept. The elements scroll on mouse horizontal move.

Hand picked css html pricing table templates. Examples developed using Jquery, html, css, javascript etc. Demo and download the codes.

Animated stacked slider is developed using css, html, jQuery and slick.js plugin. Demo and Download available.

Simple Music Player developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Music player has the options to play, stop and songs title. Move previous and next songs using navigation icons. Demo and Download available.

Basic Vanilla JS Carousel developed using css, html and vanillaJS

Cool slider animation with clip-path. Image slide show animation developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Demo and Download options are available.

A 3D (looking) clock made with CSS gradients and borders. Demo and Download optiones available.