Hand picked Multi step HTML forms using HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular Js and JavaScript. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip)

Hand picked CSS text style and effects with special text Animation. Developed using HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery and SVG. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip)

33 Hand picked CSS transition tricks and effects. Developed using HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery and SVG. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip)

Simple music player concept.

This audio player features playlist support via JSON data and step navigation. The version you're seeing now is a fresh new take on this project by modernizing the style and offloading all browser detection crap to a wonderful audio player plugin called Plyr

Input is manual, but it's basically capturing the timestamp in which the lyric should be shown

jQuery lightbox script for displaying images, videos and more. Touch enabled, responsive and fully customizable.

Visual LightBox is a web photo galleries with a nice Lightbox-style overlay effect. * Cross-browser - works perfectly on all browsers (including IE6) * Responsive - smoothly adapts to any browser resolutions and device screens * Mobile-ready - optimized for Android and iOS devices * Search engine friendly and semantically valid * Unobtrusive - even without Javascript, the images are still accessible * Huge collection of fancy Lightbox themes - see live demos * Keyboard navigation - use left/right arrow key to navigate * Floating and smooth cross-fade transition * Lightweight

Galpop is an image gallery and content pop-up that can display images, HTML and iframes. It can be controlled with the left and right arrow keys and automatically resizes with your browser.

ImageCloud is a jQuery plug-in based on Google's Doodle designed for the Christmas holidays on 2010.

Image gallery jquery plugin with drag and drop

jQuery Visage provides a stable (no partially displayed elements), robust (it closes when you click close), styleable (CSS), customizable (you can reprogram many aspects of its behavior) and clean (being an jQuery plugin) way to display a series of images in a lightbox-like way.

A simple image gallery jQuery plug-in.

This is a very simple plugin to display a group of youtube video links as a gallery.

Easy image lightbox jQuery plugin for small galleries. Allow to zoom images at place.

Gallerie is a plugin that offers a lightbox-like gallery viewer of a collection of images. It features a simple overlay with a scrollable thumbnail list, image loading hint, as well as an image caption and index. The overlay thumbnails automatically scroll with the user's mouse and can be activated by click or custom event. Several methods exist to allow for extending the plugin with richer functionality through javascript.

Responsive slideshow / gallery / carousel

SuperBox takes the whole 'image' and 'lightbox' one step further, reducing the JavaScript and image load dependence to make lightboxing a thing of the past! Using HTML5 data-* attributes, responsive layouts and jQuery, here's SuperBox. SuperBox works wonders as a static image gallery, which you can click to reveal a full version of the image. Each image in the demo is the same size, but SuperBox supports any image size.

A photo gallery with sleek flipping transitions between thumbnails and lightbox enlargements. Other features include dynamic image streaming, auto pagination, auto cropping and transparent image overlay. The layout, speed, co-ordination and text can easily be modified in the settings.

A single-file, minimalist jQuery image gallery.