Hand picked Multi step HTML forms using HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular Js and JavaScript. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip)

Using clip-path to create text input highlight effects

This is a UI Concept but doesn't actually have the functionality to check passwords.

Simple Subscribe Form with gradient and animated button

Simple random teams generator built around the Codepen January Challenge colors palette. The bouncing balls animation is added using JavaScript

Animated feedback form on click the mail icon

Beautiful login screen with animation using CSS, HTML and jQuery. This trendy User Interface login screen is easy to integrate with any website for login and logout. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip).

Hand picked collections of login and registration form free template designs to download and demo is available. Forms are developed using css, html, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, materializecss, Responsive, etc. sample registration forms are free for download and registration form template has the link to download.

This demo is a response to a post by Marcus Connor addressing confusion with checkbox toggle switches. It’s an attempt to make them work more like switches. Drag the handles back and forth and see the checkbox state change. Developed using html, css and JavaScript. Demo and download available.

Flat out awesome Toggle button switch developed using pure css and html. Demo and download available.

Online payment option form like Credit Card & Debit Card Details with Validation using JavaScript for validate the payment details form. VISA, MASTER CARD and more bank card details we validate in this form. Developed using Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery Validation Plugin, jQuery.payment library, and Stripe.js. AJAX form submission with visual feedback. This demo will create Stripe credit card token.

Weird input animation is really awesome with fun and useful for visually impaired users too. Developed using css, html and javascript. demo and download avilable.

Search input field animation developed using scss, html and javascript. Demo and download are available.

This is Sign Up Form With Progressive Disclosure and Micro Interaction developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Progressive Disclosure means showing information or action when a user actually needs it. This same concept can also be applied to Login Forms. Demo and Download available.

Power On/Off Toggle button using html, SVG and css only with beautiful animation. Demo and Download options available.

This is a simple multi-page form built using React + Redux + ReduxForm + Dropzone + ReactRouterRedux + ReduxSaga + others. Form validation and file upload validation are implemented in this code. Demo and download options are available.

Fancy Checkboxes and Radio buttons are developed using HTML, CSS, Javascript and font Awesome. Starting with well-formed HTML, look what we can do with a bit of style and some Font Awesome glyphs

A custom checkbox that features a light bulb’s on/off state in the fashion of a toggle switch.

Pure CSS Burger Toggle button with beautiful animation

Custom input field to select image files to show instantly on the page for get excellent user experience. Custom file inputs with image preview and image file name on selection. Find the demo below.