Hover/Click on album cover to show controls.

Button animation practice

Simple button hover effect by replacing the text in a button with an svg element which mimics the button in order to create an effect which can not (easily?) be done with css.

Gradient button with translate on hover

Try out and illustrate some of the subtle button effects you can create just using box-shadow and borders on pseudo–elements. Tested in latest Chrome and Firefox, but no reason it shouldn't work in all latest browsers.

Snazzy CSS hover states for a button.

Hover Buttons which look good, feel good and work good. This requires only CSS. Pure CSS button fun, no strings attached - Just Hover and appreciate!

Simple 3D plane hover effect using CSS3 transform

A movie card with animation and open with youtube video.

Displays a stack of cards. When the user hovers (or taps) the cards, they spread out and the user can hover (or tap) each card to see it.

Pure CSS news cards with revealing content on hover.

Looks best in Chrome. Some parts are bugged in FF. Not working in IE below edge (if it's not working in edge, let me know pls). Card dimensions probably broken on mobile, except for iPhone 6 (because I was hardcoding pixels for this model). Don't forget to click request button inside card.

News card with fade in icon on hove

Text effect on hover the test. Splitting effect on hover

Cool Accordion developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript

Example of adding a parallax effect to image layers. Works with cursor hover on desktop, and touch+drag on mobile.

Mouse over the card for more info

Parallax on mouse movement and "device orientation". Be sure to also check it out on mobile.

First take on newest CodePen challenge. Animated button in Sass