gallery with css grid & photoswipe + Clipping Logo

A Photo Gallery built with simplicity.

Responsive layout on CSS Grid with media queries, and fallback. Thumbnails formed into hexagons with clip-path: polygon() — no effect in all IEs and Edge.

A simple reusable card based article UI with various overlay background.

CSS grid to organize the cards, a vanilla CSS variable to control the scrolling, and much less JavaScript.Due to use of some modern CSS techniques, this demo won’t work properly in IE. Scrolling in Safari is jumpy, don’t know why.

Inspired by the Google Image Gallery, card grid with expanding sections.

CSS grid calendar

Wim Crouwel’s famous calendar — made with CSS Grid.

The skeleton page is a big trend in UX field. Using CSS Grid to create the page layout, it is more practical to work with components that need to be dynamically repeat. Example of a skeleton screen for a card loader using CSS Grid and Custom Properties. Example developed using css and html. Demo and download option available.