This is the demo about creating the multiple HTML textarea dynamically with CSS animations. Animations are covered fading, Sliding and Swing options and removing the textarea is also covered in this demo. Demo is written in plain JavaScript without any dependency and animations using CSS3.

Music player display that randomly jumps around

Material Music Player Code

Delightful Music Player

Best view on Chrome.

Uses one time loading gifs, swaps them in and out for the neat transition.

This plugin let you create A flexible photo gallery that you can use also as background of your site.

JQuery lightGallery is a lightweight jQuery lightbox gallery for displaying image and video gallery.

A lightweight CSS3 image gallery plugin for jQuery that is pretty to look and and easy to use.

Pure CSS Gallery with pagination

Simple lightbox gallery Responsive too. classes are more semantic, replaced float with flexbox

Pure CSS Gallery

CSS Gallery with thumbnail image

Pure Css gallery with accordion animation

A nice image gallery with animated caption drawn from the image data tags. Made with CSS3 for modern browsers. Less modern browsers or non-browser (like Internet Explorer) may encounter problems with showing the layout correctly.

An image gallery in form of a 3D cube. The demo uses CSS3 3D and animation properties to create a nice animated cube.

Pure CSS funky gallery.

Less CSS3 Loaders

Hand picked CSS shopping cart, paypal cart, Checkout and Credit Card Checkout UI's with css3 Animation. Developed using HTML, CSS, javascript and jQuery. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip)