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CSS Music Player

Html & CSS Music player layout.

Interface Animation - Music Player

Phonograph music player with html&css

Flip modal Music Player UI

Music Player In HTML, CSS and Javascript

An HTML5 audio player with a play list and using Font Awesome to create a custom player interface. Custom seek/progress bar included that allows you to seek positions. Using Archive.org as my audio source.

Streaming audio player animation using modern CSS animations, transforms etc.

A responsive CSS record player that also has a simple use case of streaming a random song from a playlist with SoundCloud API. Visual inspiration from a dribble shot by Kofe (link in HTML).

Shelves on a wall created with 3D CSS

Pure CSS Gallery with pagination

A plugin that can be implemented to get a dynamic and automatic slideshow, adjustable to any needed size. Images are shown automatically one after another, with the possibility to play/stop manually to observe images thoroughly.

gallery with css grid & photoswipe + Clipping Logo

Image gallery with zoom

Full css gallery

Pure CSS Gallery

Image and description, latter only shown on hover.

CSS Gallery with thumbnail image

CSS Gallery (Lightbox)

slide show gallery made with css