Hand picked CSS text style and effects with special text Animation. Developed using HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery and SVG. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip)

Text effect on hover the test. Splitting effect on hover

TextyleFLIP.js - Flip Text Effect

3D isometric text made using a bit of JavaScript and CSS Custom Properties. The text is both selectable and indexable by search engines.

Been playing with lettering and greensock. Decided to combine the two.

Image masking using css background-clip: text

Text following cursor effects using SVG

Building up SVG filter effects to create a warm metallic effect with sparks and glowing edges.

This tutorial will show how to make CSS text bouncing effect with Animation using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You have use this concept when new page loaded. When you have use this concept your website looks like very awesome. Text with individually bouncing letters using CSS animations, plus a little bit of JavaScript to apply the animation at different times for each character. Demo and download avilable.

Show Animated sentence line by line using JS and CSS. This text effect is developed using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Demo and Download available.

Variable font experiment modifying the gravity variation axis of Chee font. Hooking the variation axis for Chee's gravity into the scroll event and matching the scales of scroll and variable axis. Developed using CSS, html, javascript and chee's font. Demo and Download options available.

Refracted Floating Text Effect. This pen shows how pure CSS can be used to create an animated refracted floating text effect. Developed using only CSS. Demo and download options available.

CSS is Awesome. this demo covers text rotation animation using only css. Demo and download available.

Fantastic work with some really creative CSS Cascading Splitting text effects animations when scrolling. Great Text effect done using both Splitting.js and ScrollOut plugins

Donuts mask css text rotation effects is developed using CSS only with transition and animation. Text effects demo and download options available.

A simple example of "CSS Shapes" (i.e. the shape-outside property) in action with some text.

3D CSS typography with HTML and CSS(SCSS)

Single element with multi coloured text and 3D text shadow effects. Just playing around with different CSS properties to create fun text effects.