Next & Prev CSS buttons.CSS buttons for next and previous button for sliders, or whatever.

CSS3 Rounded Buttons developed using css and html

No javascript required! Easily customize the toggle's appearance by changing the values in the mixins. Go from the default styles to an iOS-style toggle in seconds! Mixins provide control of everything from the color scheme to the transition timing function.

Working on a client project that will be using Bootstrap, and needed to build a toggle/switch that came in a couple different sizes. I wasn't seeing that as a built-in option within Bootstrap, and I didn't really like the ones already out there that I found from a quick search (I didn't want to use a plugin, just wanted it to utilize Bootstrap's built-in JS), so I decided to make my own.

Just another toggle switch.

A collection of toggle buttons that use CSS3 transitions to animate their state when interacted with. Created using HTML and CSS (no JS).

Toggle transition face with pure CSS!

Collection of some fresh, flat toggles. All utilize the "checkbox" hack.

This is a fork of Benjamin Réthorés Pen with the addition of the background changing colour to match the AM or PM

A collection of CSS3 button animations. Designed to demonstrate the uses of CSS3 animations, Button.css is intended to provide a lightweight and refreshing user experience. Flip, 3-D Flip, Slide, Switch and Water Fill

A simple test with pure CSS loading animation for buttons (uses jQuery to toggle class).

Two call-to-action buttons that give context to your modals in a Material Design fashion.

Button with Built-in Loading Indicator

For browsers that support CSS3, there's a simple cursor available to help users understand certain elements that may be disabled due to page logic. So, if you have a button that becomes enabled only after a certain page action is taken (like filling out a form), you can use cursor: not-allowed to reinforce the state using the mouse pointer.

Submit button with loader after submit. No CSS Keyframes, all one JS timeline + SVG.

Button animation practice

Simple button hover effect by replacing the text in a button with an svg element which mimics the button in order to create an effect which can not (easily?) be done with css.

Gradient button with translate on hover

Try out and illustrate some of the subtle button effects you can create just using box-shadow and borders on pseudo–elements. Tested in latest Chrome and Firefox, but no reason it shouldn't work in all latest browsers.