A simple test with pure CSS loading animation for buttons (uses jQuery to toggle class).

Creative Buttons using just CSS. Can be converted to SCSS for flexibility

Simple CSS Button Hover Effect. Simple, but good looking :hover and :active transition for buttons and links styled as buttons.

CSS Button Animations styles.Playing around with some CSS button transitions. Possible repo for future use. Learning experience for me dealing with browser compatibility.

A different take on the loading icon. Developed using only in HTML and CSS. Kind of looks like the top of the Amazon Alexa. Demo and Download available.

Animated stacked slider is developed using css, html, jQuery and slick.js plugin. Demo and Download available.

In this tutorial i will show how to create Simple Animated Loading Icon using HTML, CSS. You can use this animation concept in between the time of when user click the link to move on next page.

Fantastic work with some really creative CSS Cascading Splitting text effects animations when scrolling. Great Text effect done using both Splitting.js and ScrollOut plugins

Donuts mask css text rotation effects is developed using CSS only with transition and animation. Text effects demo and download options available.