Pomodoro Clock

CSS-only animated clock. No JavaScript, canvas, SVG, images etc.

App Icon - Clock

CSS Clock rebound

Clock function that updates every second

Clocks and Calendars

Clock code and made it function like an actual clock.

A clock made of traditional 7 segment LEDs, animated with CSS and JS

Rotate clock written in CSS3 only

Braun clock created in pure HTML and CSS for fun. Best rendered in Google Chrome. Still working out small visual bugs.

A 3d Flip Clock using CSS transforms and transitions and a little JS to get things going.

Flat design working clock

analog binary clock

Pomodoro Clock Design

Pure CSS Animated Clock experiment.

A clock made with SVG which shows current time and uses SVG's animation functionality.

CSS Variable-Powered Clock

Working CSS3 analog clock, using CSS animations and shapes, without any images or JavaScript.