A text readable clock.

Animated Pure CSS Clock

A countdown clock that is powered only by CSS. The countdown length is 1 hour and it shows minutes, seconds and the hundredths of seconds as they tick.

Canvas Wall Clock w/t Night Mode

Inspired by MomentJS's homepage clock

A flip clock, you could easily add other animations by adjusting the CSS. Not supported on browsers that don't support animation of pseudo elements. Apparently this no longer works on Chrome.

Click the CLOCK to change the style.

A pretty clock made with html, css and some javascript to get the time and update the clock.

Clock with moment.js & jquery

Digital Clock with Vue.js

SVG based clock UI design. Animated with GSAP.


Flat Design Clock with CSS3 transition.

SVG Analog Clock animation. The elastic easing gives the second needle that vintage effect

A reproduction of the column clock available for the iOS

Wall clock UI Design

CSS + Javascript flat clock and date.

A CSS transforms and animations clock. Javascript used to handle & manipulate classes.

CSS only clock of clocks