Animated feedback form on click the mail icon

Made an example button for uploading with microinteraction.

CSS3 button w/ 3d transform using no JS, no imgs, and No icon-fonts

A hover effect using the gooey tricks.

A basic CSS animation that makes a paper airplane fly out of this "Send" button when clicked.

Made the bubbles using "radial-gradient" for background-image. I believe this property is so cool that you can draw many things without adding extra divs or pseudo elements (::before and ::after)

Elastic button, has pounding hearth for loading animation, will burst into ready state once done.

Pure CSS clickable flip cards using only css

Flip Cards using Jquery

The physical world is so last year. Save the trees with a digital business card.

Card Flipping AngularJS

Google Now style info cards with CSS card flip animation.

Responsive half flip card with 3d transform on bootstrap grid.

Responsive Flip Card display

Cool Activate and Waiting Button animation using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.