Just some simple buttons

Animated feedback form on click the mail icon

Made an example button for uploading with microinteraction.

CSS3 button w/ 3d transform using no JS, no imgs, and No icon-fonts

A hover effect using the gooey tricks.

A basic CSS animation that makes a paper airplane fly out of this "Send" button when clicked.

Made the bubbles using "radial-gradient" for background-image. I believe this property is so cool that you can draw many things without adding extra divs or pseudo elements (::before and ::after)

Elastic button, has pounding hearth for loading animation, will burst into ready state once done.

Cool Activate and Waiting Button animation using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

CSS Button with Angled Sides developed using only css and html.

Very creative CSS Buttons | Depth Effect. Developed using css, html and javascript

Bootstrap-free CSS Buttons.A pure CSS button style that you can put on anchor tags, buttons, inputs, & labels. Demo and download available.

Pure CSS buttons developed using only css and html. Button has multi color options.

Beautiful Plus Button with animation using CSS, HTML and jQuery. This trendy User Interface Add Button is easy to integrate with any desktop and mobile website for add with tooltip options. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip).

CSS buttons styled to look like shirt buttons with a plaid flannel CSS background. There are not actually holes in the buttons. That is an illusion by placing different colored circles appropriately. Those are all done as a box-shadow from one transparent circle created from .button::after. The body tag is utilized to create the plaid design with repeating-linear-gradient. body::before creates the horizontal lines and body::after creates the vertical lines. Developed using css and html. demo and download available.

Pressable, iOS Compatible CSS Button.A 'pressable' CSS button that is still pressable on mobile safari. The secret is having ontouchstart="" set in a containing element, allowing the :active pseudo-class to work; the body tag is fine. I am pretty sure this won't work on Android, but I don't have a device to test on.

Flat out awesome Toggle button switch developed using pure css and html. Demo and download available.

Three Pure CSS Button effects like tap, hover and click effects developed using CSS and HTML. Demo and Download available.

A series of simple CSS buttons. They are easy to customize and use. Can easily be integrated with Font-Awesome or other icons library to bring it out more. Developed using CSS and HTML. Demo and download available.

A cool little css Button concept for delete success with hover animation with close/delete icon and developed using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Demo and download available.