Stacked card with navigation!

Playing around with css grid, flexbox, clip-path, and radial-gradient

Seamless animation between states, and some of animations break outside the container. Select the weather icons on the top to see each state.

A simple menu made fun! This "card deck dropdown" is a beautiful display of what can be achieved using some CSS3 transitions, a little JS, and some creative thinking!. This is a UI concept i have seen before but i felt there was a few things that could be done different. Ao here is my version of a Card Deck style dropdown, using CSS3 transitions and jQuery.

A simple, responsive card UI component made with Vue.js.

Save some trees! Make a digital business card!

Material design MDL cards. Extended horizontal cards.

Displays a stack of cards. When the user hovers (or taps) the cards, they spread out and the user can hover (or tap) each card to see it.

The card expands into the background, no libraries, commented. Please note: this code is in no way ready to be used as is in production on your website. It will need to be adapted to be cross browser compliant & accessible. I just wanted to share how one might go about this effect with CSS & JS and no other dependencies

Material Design: Profile Card

xAxis and yAxis parallax. Used some JS to rotate the card on mouse movement.

Pure CSS news cards with revealing content on hover.

Product card with nice sliding effects

Looks best in Chrome. Some parts are bugged in FF. Not working in IE below edge (if it's not working in edge, let me know pls). Card dimensions probably broken on mobile, except for iPhone 6 (because I was hardcoding pixels for this model). Don't forget to click request button inside card.

Cards with slide effects.

A card stack UI with swipeable cards.

Responsive material card based on Google Material Color palette in a bootstrap grid.

News card with fade in icon on hove

Material design cards test and study.