Drag-and-drop cards implemented using React and dragula.

Bootstrap cards tutorial for article on blog

Animated Press Card

Works best in Chrome (and browsers that support clip-path).

The game will save your stats locally, via localStorage.

Fetch the latest BTS articles from Soompi RSS feed and display them in a card stack. (Should be) Accessible with keyboard navigation.

A Simple card flip effect using Anime.js

Fancy quote and card animation

A simple reusable card based article UI with various overlay background.

Material design interface animations

A simple contact card with a banner, photo, links to social media, and an email form once a button is clicked.

A series of animated chart cards using the least amount of css and information as possible

A movie card with animation and open with youtube video.

This is an online version of the business card.

Responsive and colorful Profile Card concept. I hope you like it.

Card design + switch view

Responsive Navigation Info Cards

Material Playing Cards, this is just the backbone for a full on 30s demo that I'm creating within a few days.

A card style blog post build with HTML5 , CSS3 and a little bit of jQuery