These are 3D Profile Flip Cards. Click the i to flip the card. The concept started out as a hover event, but that proved challenging on a mobile device, so I opted to use a bit of js to change out classes on click/touch. There are a variety of flip options, Y, X and Diagonal

3D flip cards implemented with CSS3

Material Design Components code and examples. Developed using css, javascript and html. Demo and Download available.

CSS Hover Card animation developed using css and javascript. Item description on hovering the card. Demo and download are available.

Responsive News Card Slider for news and blog pages etc with swiper.js. Made with sweet animations when mouse hover and slide changes. developed using HTML, CSS and swiper.js framework.

Card view developed using HTML and css 3 properties like grid, transform and transition etc. Mouse over effect beautifully blended with border colors. Code demo, download and preview are available.

Cards List View is developed using CSS and HTML. Arrow is in the list view is shown with animation.

The skeleton page is a big trend in UX field. Using CSS Grid to create the page layout, it is more practical to work with components that need to be dynamically repeat. Example of a skeleton screen for a card loader using CSS Grid and Custom Properties. Example developed using css and html. Demo and download option available.

An Ionic (reusable Ionic widget) for adding tinder-style swipe cards to your app.

A modern card based order UI screen developed by Vladimir. The UI developed using CSS and vue.js with beautiful flip animation and success tick animation.