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A collection of CSS3 button animations. Designed to demonstrate the uses of CSS3 animations, Button.css is intended to provide a lightweight and refreshing user experience. Flip, 3-D Flip, Slide, Switch and Water Fill

A simple test with pure CSS loading animation for buttons (uses jQuery to toggle class).

Two call-to-action buttons that give context to your modals in a Material Design fashion.

Button with Built-in Loading Indicator

For browsers that support CSS3, there's a simple cursor available to help users understand certain elements that may be disabled due to page logic. So, if you have a button that becomes enabled only after a certain page action is taken (like filling out a form), you can use cursor: not-allowed to reinforce the state using the mouse pointer.

Submit button with loader after submit. No CSS Keyframes, all one JS timeline + SVG.

Button animation practice

Gradient button with translate on hover

Snazzy CSS hover states for a button.

Some button hover effects using psuedo elements and borders.

Pulsing button using css3 keyframe animation.

Just some simple buttons

Hover Buttons which look good, feel good and work good. This requires only CSS. Pure CSS button fun, no strings attached - Just Hover and appreciate!

Amazing and powerful the CSS Check-Box Hack is. No JS in this button!

The radio button highlight travels underground

3D push buttons with a retro style and font. The first button is a push button that pushes to the center and tilts left or right based on the cursor's location while hovering. It is styled similar to an old-school game console button. These buttons have been configured with a sm, md, lg size classes along with bootstrap-esque classes such as primary, secondary, danger, warning, success and info. Second button is a loader button with it's own progress bar when pushed. It only pushes in the center, but then opens upwards to show a progress bar on it's front side. It will either show a checkmark or X when finished based on success of action.

Example menu for uploading/downloading media files, using the shade of colors.

Animated feedback form on click the mail icon

Caterpillar Navigation using html button and Vue.js