Ionic Swoosh Cards

Click to reveal more info. Info folds out beneath the card, while the rest of the grid recedes.

Testing some simple animations to separate stacks of cards

In honor of the release of the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion for Hearthstone, I wanted to share this proof of concept. The card drag feature in the game has always been one of my favorite things to play with. It feels like the card is reacting to air resistance as you drag it around. The audio is a little finicky, just wanted something rough for the effect.

Cards flying away randomly

A short proof of concept for making cards with onclick animation events.

Animated Christmas card

Another example of clip-path property for revealing content effect. This experiment will work on Latest Chrome, haven't tested on another browser.

Bootstrap cards tutorial for article on blog

Works best in Chrome (and browsers that support clip-path).

A Simple card flip effect using Anime.js

Seamless animation between states, and some of animations break outside the container. Select the weather icons on the top to see each state.