click animation

  • Beautiful Button Loading Animation

    Beautiful Button Loading Animation

    Sexy button loading animation on cliking the button. Developed using HTML, CSS, Javascript and font awesome. Demo and download the code(*.zip)

  • button flip animation css

    CSS Button Flip Animation

    This tutorial will help user to bring flip animation effect for button click. CSS animations are a lot of fun. This tutorial will covers vertical, horizontal and folding button flip animation using css3.

  • Naturalized Checkbox Toggle Switches

    Naturalized Checkbox Toggle Switches

    This demo is a response to a post by Marcus Connor addressing confusion with checkbox toggle switches. It’s an attempt to make them work more like switches. Drag the handles back and forth and see the checkbox state change. Developed using html, css and JavaScript. Demo and download available.

  • Ordered card animation

    Ordered card animation UI

    A modern card based order UI screen developed by Vladimir. The UI developed using CSS and vue.js with beautiful flip animation and success tick animation.

  • Beautiful Add trendy add button with awesome animation

    Trendy Add Button with beautiful CSS3 Animation

    Beautiful Plus Button with animation using CSS, HTML and jQuery. This trendy User Interface Add Button is easy to integrate with any desktop and mobile website for add with tooltip options. Demo and Download the zip (*.zip).

  • Vue Touch HammerJs Example and Demo

    Vue Touch HammerJs Example and Demo

    Vue Touch HammerJs Example and Demo are developed using CSS, HTML and HammerJs.